BTC reaches record price in 7 countries

The current price for one Bitcoin (BTC) is currently $12.996.83. That’s 0.23% more than 24 hours ago.

If you want to buy bitcoin for $100 now, you will get about 0.0077 BTC for this.

The total market cap is $240,761,232,979.96 with a circulation of 18,524,612 BTC.

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In these 7 countries Bitcoin (BTC) price is already at a record level

The Bitcoin (BTC) course has been on a nice rise the last few days. However, it is still a long way from the all-time high. The ~$20,000 of December 2017 is not yet in sight. However, if you do not read the price in dollars, but in other fiat currencies, then the price is much higher.

Alistair Milne shares an interesting fact on Twitter. There are (at least) seven countries where the price of BTC is currently at a record high.
Tether printer goes brrrr, over $16 billion in USDT on Bitcoin market

The stock of stablecoin Tether USDT continues to increase significantly as the Bitcoin market picks up. New figures from Boston-based market researcher Coin Metrics show this.

The graph below shows how Tether Inc, the company behind the stablecoin, is increasing its stock. The cryptomint is a rewarding haven for traders as soon as the market is very volatile.

The most liquid trader in the market is still BTC-USDT on the Binance exchange. Over the past 24 hours, this pair had a trading volume of $1.3 billion according to Coingecko.
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5 reasons why Bitcoin is fundamentally in good shape

The bitcoin (BTC) rate reaches a new year record. With a price around $13,000 it looks good. But also other statistics around bitcoin are positive.

The hashrate is at an all time high. Also, more than 60% of all bitcoin has been standing still for more than a year.
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